Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Splashing, Thundering Space Yetis - Let's Kill/Refurb/Marry the Disney Mountains!

I became a Walt Disney World Mountain Master during a particularly crazy trip a few years back.  We were staying in Bay Lake Tower, Space Mountain was taunting me, and Everest was looming over the horizon.  I had to ride all four Mountains in the one trip.

So, I'm a pretty good authority on the WDW Mountains.  (Disclaimer: No I am not.  I only really love one of them and two of them were "One and done" for me.)

Kill... No, more like, My Old Back and I Can't Enjoy This Ride so it is Dead to Me - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I'm with those dear old ladies in the Unofficial Guide who rate this as a 9,000 on a "scary scale of 10".

Refurb - Expedition Everest

I have never experienced this ride as anything but Disco Yeti Time, and I know it'd be impossible to fix without tearing huge swathes of the ride apart, but really...

Marry - Splash Mountain

Hell yeah.  Every time I can ride this is a great time.

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