About Trish

I am a freelance illustrator and I began drawing when I was very young.  So young that I hardly remember ever not drawing.  I was -and I still am- influenced by my great love of science and nature, and a heavy diet of classic cartoons, picture books, fantasy films, and the oftentimes very strange media of the era in which I grew up. 

In High School I discovered science fiction and fantasy literature, and developed a strong love of comic and natural history illustration.  I designed characters, sets, and costumes for a large number of school productions including plays, the annual Christmas Parade float, and the Halloween Haunted House.

I majored in illustration at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, focusing on both humorous and dramatic fantasy and children’s book illustration and on scientific and nature illustration as well.  By the time I earned my bachelor's of art degree, I had amassed a very eclectic body of work.  Many of them can be seen in the Older Pieces Set in my Flickr gallery, and a few are still among my favorites.

After graduating, I worked in a temporary position at a professional printing company which produces large-format posters and advertisements.  I didn't like this job much, but I'm glad I was there because I learned how to use Photoshop and other digital imaging software. 

I then volunteered at an online streaming radio station.  I created internet-ready graphics, banner advertisements for upcoming events, and animated gif images.  I loved working there and stayed with the company until, tragically, the station was shut down.  I was able to save a few of these ads, and they can be seen in this post.

I have recently graduated with my Masters Degree in Education from Lesley University’s wonderful Creative Arts in Learning program.  I have done intensive studies in children’s literature and entertainment and the integration of scientific concepts and art.  I've also studied at the Art Institute of Boston and Massachusetts College of Art, taking courses on both traditional and Flash animation, web design, and book design.  Yes, I like learning.

On a professional level, I have contributed original art, writing, and handiwork to several websites.  I've been involved in the massive collaborative illustration project "700 Things" for several years now.  I am a member of The Comicbook Artists Guild, and my illustrations have been published in several of their anthologies like Worlds Beyond and Iconic 2.  I am also a member of ArtEvolved, a collective of paleoartists, and my work has been showcased in their periodic galleries.  My artwork has also been featured in such diverse settings as the magazine IF-X, the Belgrade Draggin' Masters website, the educational card game Phylo, the Drawgasmic exhibition and companion book, and the Scientific American History of Geology Blog.

My art is collected online at Flickr, which has the widest variety and contains all the "700 Things" things as well as the Sketch of the Day collections, and at DeviantArt.  And, of course, the very blog you are reading.