Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grab Your Mickey Bar and Hop Into Stormalong Bay, it's the Kill, Refurb, Marry Catchup!

What?  I totally posted this in time instead of being too overwhelmed to write anything longer than a Tweet.  The publication date says so! XD

Resort Pools

Kill - Bay Lake Tower Pool

This one was tough because I don't really dislike any of the resort pools.  So this one gets the cut only because it lacks a certain imagination: it is a beautiful pool (especially at night) but it's pretty much just a pool.  M'eh.

Refurb - Water Country

Not officially a resort pool - yet- but there's that old persistent rumor that *someday* it'll be cut off from the lake, filled with water that isn't infested with waking Cronenburgian nightmare parasites, rebuilt, and made into Fort Wilderness' swimming area.  To which I say, do it already; it's just sitting there!

Marry - Stormalong Bay

I mean, duh.

Remember that bit in the Unofficial Guide where they asked young kids what their favorite part of their Disney vacation was and over half of them answered swimming in the pool?  I was one of those kids and this awesome place was the reason.  To this day I'll still take it over both water parks.


Frozen Treats (That Are Not Dole Whips/Citrus Swirls)

Kill - Pina Co-Lava

I'm not a big frozen treat person, to be honest.  So here, as with the pools, I'm judging this based on how unimaginative it is.  That, and the strawberry red ice floating in the white pineapple ice just looks gross.

Refurb Reinstate - The Original Mickey Bar

As seen in the beginning of this awesomely animated commercial that I can't find in better quality:

I still like the Nestle Mickey bars but they ain't got nothin' on the old Good Humor bars. There is a chance my memory is faulty and they never actually sold any of the Mickey's Parade bars in the parks but whatever.

Marry - World Showcase Treats

Someday, someday my cousins and I will finally do our Snacks Around the World adventure.  In the meantime, here's to Gelato, Kakigori, and the small paradise on Earth known as L'Artisan des Glaces.

Next Time - Walt Disney World Mountains!  Head to Mouse on the Mind for more entries in this series.


Sketch of the Day!

You know what I've never been able to find in World Showcase, though? Sea Salt Ice Cream.

"Kingdom Hearts 2" Sketch Montage

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