Friday, October 15, 2010

And so now this blog is approximately a year and a half (and change) old.

I started with a self-imposed challenge to post at least two posts a week for the first three years. I am over the hump in achieving that goal, so go me.

I can't think of any better way to mark this occasion than doing a "Best Of" list, so for everyone who has wanted to do an archive binge, here are my favorites in chronological order:

2/6/09 - Jumping on the Worst Cartoons Ever Bandwagon (With a 2/9/09 follow-up, a 3/6/09 follow-up, and a 4/15/09 follow-up. In case you're wondering, this is, oddly enough, where I got the hang of blogging.)

2/23/09 - Comparing the Animal Anatomy for Artists Books

4/17/09 - Some Thoughts on "3-effin'-D" And it would be the first of many posts on this trend...

5/4/09 - Let's Read The New Dinosaurs! One of the most popular posts and one of my favorite-favorites.

6/1/09 - The Chronological Animated Disney Canon

7/27/09 - Highly Dubious and/or Forgotten 80's Toys When this was on my old Geocities page, it got totally ignored. Having been reposted here, it's one of the most commented-upon blogs and prompted this follow-up.

8/20/09 - The Banner Ad Archive

9/17/09 - The "Happy Feet" Review! I stand by it. Also notable because it includes an early teaser of my illustration for Worlds Beyond.

10/2/09 - Let's Read After Man! Inevitable after The New Dinosaurs, but still wicked fun.

10/14/09 - Maurice Sendak Essays

11/6/09 - Time Has Not Been Kind to Ranger Rick The post with the MOST comments! I am as happy to see that there's so much nostalgia for the Alton Langford era of Ranger Rick as I am frustrated that I cannot find any more issues from that time.

12/7/10 - Six Books by Chris Van Allsburg I got a lot of mileage out of recycling my Grad school essays, didn't I?

3/4/10 - The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney/MGM Part of a whole series of Walt Disney World themed posts, but I like this one best.

3/22/10 - The Making of the April IF-X Cover (with a bonus "Ponyo" review) and The Making of the Belgrade Draggin' Masters Logo

4/27/10 - The Old Painting in the Basement (with a bonus "My Kid Could Paint That" review and a follow-up here.)

5/11/10 - Ways "Lost" Could End as Predicted by Animé (If only just to gloat that I totally called it with the third one. Sort of.)

5/20/10 - Behold the Brontosaurus! The first in a long run of retro paleoart posts.

7/29/10 - Don Bluth Month! Gosh, this was fun.

9/6/10 - The Making of my Worlds Beyond Illustration


Announcement: Oh... my...

"In honor of the 10th anniversary of Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver owners will be able to obtain Mew over their Wi-Fi connection using the Mystery Gift option. From October 15 to October 30, logging into the service will score players a level five Mew stored inside a Cherish Ball with a Premier Ribbon. As long as they have less than three Wonder Cards in their game, Mew will be theirs!"

I am not going to lie. I am going to use that little pink kitty every day.


Painting of the Day!

I spent so much of this post bragging about how I've done two good posts per week at least. And it drives me crazy that this pattern might break next week as I am going to be super-busy this weekend and have no idea when I will be able to sit down for some quality time with my laptop before Monday. The irony here is that this is going to bother me far, far more than it bothers you, dear reader.

So until whenever the next post comes, here is an acrylic painting of an Incisivosaurus:

Cute Animal Triptych Incisivosaurus!

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Zach said...

Aw, what a cute little buck-toothed oviraptor!

A note about that Mew: I didn't even realize I had three Wonder Cards, but you apparently get them every time you download something from Nintendo onto Pokemon. So I had cards for the two Pokewalker courses (Winner's Path and Yellow Forest) and then one for the Enigma Stone. Thankfully, you can delete cards you no longer want at the prompt.

Congrats on hitting the year and a half mark!