Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Making of the Belgrade Draggin' Masters Snowmobile Club logo!

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By another one of those extremely happy coincidences, one of the members of the
Belgrade Draggin' Masters Snowmobile Club had seen one of the dragons I drew for the 700 Dragons project, liked it, and contacted me to create a new logo for the club. This was a very fun project to work on, and I thoughtfully kept a record of the work in progress.
1.12.10 - Belgrade Snowmobile Club logo sketch
This is just one of many concept sketches. Both the club and I enjoyed this one the most. I went ahead and brought the sketch into Photoshop to do a line art version.
1.12.10 - Belgrade Snowmobile Club logo line art
I wanted to keep the feeling of the original sketch, but make the lines more graphic. The image had to be easy to read, and it had to still be understandable when printed at wildly different sizes. The Club liked this concept, but they wanted a very different style.
1.18.10 - Belgrade Snowmobile Club logo *almost* final
And here is the *almost* final version. The Club approved this, but they still wanted a few minor changes (nothing big, just human errors -- Belgrade isn't spelled right here!) This has the honor of being the first piece I (a) produced on my Macbook and (b) drew the line art with a calligraphy Photoshop brush, which is almost a trademark of mine by now.
The final version can currently be seen as the title graphic of the Belgrade Draggin' Masters' website.
Once again, in lieu of a Sketch of the day, here is some wonderful news: Starting today and going through Sunday night, the MA Horticultural Society's Spring Flower Show is back! This is fantastic as my aunt and I were going through withdrawals last year.
And dang it, Disney, WTF?

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