Monday, April 6, 2009

My thoughts on Comicon are coming later.

On a much, much happier note, after quite a long time in development limbo, we're finally getting Spike Jones' "Where the Wild Things Are" film. And if the "Labyrinth"-ish trailer is any indication, we get to look forward to...
...well, basically what a Spike Jones adaptation of a psychologically dense Maurice Sendak picture book should look like. It's not news by now that book adaptations trigger my "prepare to hate it" response, but this looks like it'll be amazing.
By the way, as an illustrator who wrote a thesis on Sendak and his art, it amuses me to no end that the studio executives were having such a hard time with... um, issues that were in the book (and apparently bothering nobody -- but it's a movie now so we can panic now!) for the past forty-six years.😒

(See also the uproar over: "Euw the big blue guy's naked!" "OMG, there's like fifty different endings why didn't the just pick one?" "The Martians are killed by germs? That's stupid! You're stupid!" And on and on. You wonder, sometimes, if people even know what a book *is*.)

Addendum: Read this interview and prepare to be twice as excited. We're finally getting a new children's film that is about something.

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