Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yet MORE DCAU thoughts and sad evidence that Warner Brothers doesn't care about its legacy.

Sad stuff first. I'm sure most of you dear readers have rented at least one DVD released by Warner Bros in the past few months, but in case you haven't, you've missed things like this:

I'm speechless. There's a "Casablanca" one too that's even more baffling/openly insulting.

Anyway, "Justice League Unlimited" season one! Good God, this series is amazing. I love, love, love how the series uses some of the more unusual and obscure characters; Question (how's this for an animation challenge?), Huntress, and Booster Gold are awesome and even Vibe, Gypsy, and the Wonder Twins get some love. Most of the episodes in this season involve a terrific story arc with an ending that makes your jaw hit the floor and stay there. "Epilogue" sticks in my craw a little, though I was warned that it would (spoilers galore in that link) and it is nonetheless a very nice episode even though it's kind of an odd one out. Really, I just cannot get over how good this series is. The fact that there's another whole season makes me giddy, but I don't really want it to end either, not least because this is the very last of the DCAU.
I could continue gushing for hours and hours but it's probably enough to say this: I feel sooooo bad for "Heroes"...

I also got around to watching "Kung Fu Panda" and it was..... the character designs were very nice. I loved the hell out of the prologue and I wish they'd had the courage to do the entire movie in that cel-shaded style. Otherwise, I just felt very "eh" about it. It's not a bad movie, the action sequences are quite good and there are some nice character moments. It just feels way too short. Also, it's strange to me that Dreamworks has gotten to the point where people are gushing over one of their movies because it doesn't have a pop-culture cross-reference every five minutes.
But what's especially strange to me is that so many people ask the question, "Do you like 'Kung Fu Panda' or 'WALL-E' better?" It might just be me but I find that issue kind of ridiculous; like the two movies have anything in common at all aside from the fact that they are animated. And you see this a lot. The "Best Animated Feature" Oscar category practically encourages it. Now, do people debate whether "Iron Man" was better than "Dark Knight"? (OK, they do, and while It's Just Some Random Guy makes it funny, it's still ridiculous.)
By the way, "WALL-E". It's hardly even debatable. And I liked both "Iron Man" and "Dark Knight" but for entirely different reasons.
On a much lighter note, if you haven't rented a Disney DVD in the past month or so, it means that you didn't get to see this truly amazing little slice of WTF:

I'd give anything within reason to know what Corbin Bleu's reaction to being asked to do the dubbing was. I also have to admit, as someone who grew up with such madness as "Kidd Video" and reruns of "H.R. Puffinstuff", that I am very happy that there are still filmmakers out there who are not afraid to subject little kids to some seriously trippy eesht.
My gosh, I almost forgot that it is also Feederwatch Friday!!! Eh... N.M.H. (People who are awesome recognize that acronym.) On Sunday, the ubiquitous house sparrows were spooked by a red-tail swooping overhead. I have not seen the big flock of robins from last week. It snowed mid-week, which usually brings a crowd, but this was the slowest snow day I've seen so far.
P.S. - Dammit, leave Jessica alone. >:(

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