Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Let's Watch "A&E's Dinosaur: The Tale of a Bone"

This week's episode of "Dinosaur" mostly focuses on the Bone Wars.  But what I really love about it are all the interviews with dinosaur artists.  We meet Eleanor Kish and Steve Czerkas and the Dinamation crew.  And -most exiting of all- Ray Harryhausen!  We get a clip of "Gertie the Dinosaur" as well as some of Harryhausen's animation.  John Sibbick and David Norman (they of the famous "Norman-pedia") give interviews and they turn out to be mainly responsible for what the puppet dinosaurs look like here.  I thought they felt familiar.  Also, this happens: 


Another wonderful moment from the ‘91 A&E Dinosaur series. ##dinosaur ##documentary ##Weird90s ##wtf ##waltercronkite ##NewYorkCity

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Next time: Eggs!  Like real eggs, not the one in that one confusing pain reliever commercial.


(Polite little cough...)

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Art of the Day!  A Kestrel and Barn Owl from a Museum of Science livestream.

3.6.21 - Kestrel and Barn Owl