Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Sketching Along with "The Living Edens" and the Sci-Art Tweetstorm

Symbiartic's Science Art Tweetstorm is back!  Today is technically the last day of the event, so I'm sharing sketches I drew while I watched "The Living Edens: Manu, Peru".

3.24.21 - "The Living Edens: Peru" Sketches

The above drawings were on the last few pages of my Articka Note Sketchbook.  The next batch are on the first few pages of my current Sketchbook, the Ohuhu Marker Pad.  Both are square, take ink and pencils nicely, both are okay with watercolors, and both call to mind the Illo Sketchbook.  So far, I'd put all these Sketchbooks on basically equal footing.

Also, the best way to combat "first page blues" is to go straight from one Sketchbook to the next and the second best way is to find reference of one of your favorite animals and draw their butt.

3.24.21 - "The Living Edens: Peru" Sketches

(Say why didn't any dinosaur books that mentioned Hoatzens told me they are pretty?  Because darn, that is one beautiful bird.)