Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bill Maylone's "64,000,000 Years Ago"

I love a good stop motion dinosaur as much as the next person but goodness look at this lovely short!

"64,000,000 Years Ago" is a wonderful showcase of dinosaurs from 1981.  It's therefore right smack in that weird era when pop culture was just starting to catch up with the then-still-kind-of-new "wait, maybe dinosaurs weren't big dumb failures" theories.  And I love every minute of it, but especially the bullying, cock-blocking(!) Tyrannosaurus.

The animation is by Bill Maylone and it looks incredibly familiar, like I'd seen this footage used in another dinosaur video.  The only other Maylone animated shorts I can find (and they are both delightful) are a surprisingly stressful woolly mammoth short and "Catapult Through Canada".  If anyone remembers an educational short where a Gastornis pounces on a Hyracotherium, let me know.


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