Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Never mind Irene, let's watch this Amazing Disney Special Montage and InnerTube TV!

But before we do that, I got the kind of comment I write this blog for which prompted a major, major update on the Ranger Rick article, so go read it and see.

Alright, back to the subject at hand. Everything Is Terrible, you're my hero.

So this is thirty late-70's through early-90's Walt Disney World specials in thirty minutes. I remember SO many of these from when I was a kid. It felt like Disney made two of these specials every year (I don't even think they still do the yearly Christmas parade special these days).

One of the specials is a whole hour-long production with random celebrity guests and musical numbers dedicated entirely to the opening of Splash Mountain. A whole television special for the opening of one ride! Hell, Disney can't even get that excited about the Fantasyland expansion project these days.

More thoughts:

* - Let me guess. Little potential future robotics engineer who could have invented something that changes the world for the better instead learns the Power of Disney Magic! (Spoiler: Not quite, but close.)

* - They didn't know what the heck they were doing with Pleasure Island even back then.

* - For the 15 year anniversary of Walt Disney World, a random prize was given out at the ticket gate every fifteen seconds. You could randomly get anything from a pin to a free hat to free park tickets to a free Thunderbird! Holy sh*t! Right now the best WDW prize you could hope for is to be locked in a small room inside Cinderella Castle all night for one night. I don't even know if they're doing anything special for their 40'th anniversary.

* - Never mind that now: Two generations of Mouseketeers! Say, aren't today's kids long overdue for a Mickey Mouse Club of their own?

* - Totally Minnie: here to compete with Barbie and Jem. Yup.

* - Jeez, that free-roaming robot is terrifying!

* - But not as much as the "Too Smart for Strangers" clip they sneaked in.

* - I wish I could get excited about anything as much as the "Fantasia" crocodiles get about pizza.

* - My God, the Gepetto song is chilling...

* - I could swear I saw that "Spirit of America" parade as a kid. Now I've got the song back in my head. Great.

* - Giant. Babies.

* - That vulture is so ashamed to be with Chicago Taio Cruise Pablo Cruise instead of soaring over the Serengeti.

* - Anyone know who the weird singing redheaded Justin Bieber lookalike and the really lanky guy who falls down the manhole are? (EDIT: Thanks Anonymous Commenter Person!)

Speaking of Weird Disney Things, I am so very happy to learn, right from the Mouse's mouth, that I didn't imagine this. Somewhere, Xzibit is shedding a single tear at it's beauty.

And then, on a totally different note that is too cool not to share, there's "InnerTube TV":

I had a fever dream on the morning I wrote this post. It wasn't nearly as awesome and random as "InnerTube TV". This was a very early and very weird pilot for what would eventually become "The Jim Henson Hour". Note the strange early versions of characters who'd be modified for "Hour". You can also spot characters in the house band who'd be modified and eventually show up in the equally all-but-forgotten Jim Henson production, "Faffner Hall". I like the incredibly catchy songs -- and the fact that Kermit is fully aware that this version of the show doesn't have a chance clicking with people.


Sketch of the Day!

My new Sketchbook is huge...

8.9.11 - My New Sketchbook is a tad large.

The book (which I cannot wait to read) and Carnegie Collection Parasaurolophus are there for scale. It's a little tiny bit awkward carrying this size Sketchbook around, and it will fit no scanner there is, but I have been drawing more so that's good.

8.2.11 - Sketchbook Page


Important: So... I might not have power or internet access by the time this publishes. Please be patient with regards to comment moderation, ect. Thursday's scheduled feature will hopefully make everything all better.


Albertonykus said...

Congrats for receiving the awesome comment!

Anonymous said...

The guy who falls into the manhole is Broadway dancer/actor/director Tommy Tune. The Justin Bieber lookalike is Scotty Plummer, who was a child banjo player. Both clips are from 1975's Welcome to the World hosted by Lucie Arnaz.