Monday, April 18, 2011

The ACEOs of April!

For a change of pace, how about a short post about my own artwork?

April ACEOs round 1!

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals". They are the size of a standard trading card (ie, a baseball card or card from a trading card game like "Magic"). Since the cards can be sent in a small mailing envelope, ACEOs are a fun and inexpensive way to collect original artwork from a wide variety of artists. They can also be traded at, say, a place where a lot of artists and their fans congregate maybe?

Yes, Boston Comic-con is fast approaching. I want to go for broke and sell some original art there, but I'm astonishingly short on ACEOs. So I'm forcing myself to create an ACEO a day.

232 - Glitter Whiskers!

More specifically, I'm alternating between a rabbit from 700 Bunnies and a hadrosaur for the upcoming Art Evolved gallery. Hopefully, these subjects will prove popular. Probably going to charge a buck a piece for them, which (after a quick search around the 'net and a
little case of Small Name, Big Ego-ism) is a steal.

Hadrosaur ACEOs round two!

As an aside, yes, I am using a certain paleoartist whose book I just finished *just* to double-check things like crest shapes, ect. Please don't call the Art Police!


Off-Topic Soapboxing

Male readers, especially younger ones, I implore you to do something highly unusual: Paint your toenails pink. Do it! Do it for freedom of expression! Do it to help this poor kid feel less alienated! Especially do it to send a message to people who really, really, RE-HEEL-LY need to get a life (they are sold in stores right next to the clues and the over-its).