Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"We wish that we didn't have to leave / this wonderful world of make-believe!" Let's Watch 25 Years of Disney Television!

We've watched a lot of Disney television specials together here at the Blog.  Every time, I think I've finally found the weirdest one they ever made.  And boy do I love being proven wrong, as is the case with this 1978 special celebrating 25 Years of Disney on Television.

Now, I will never waver from my position that "Kraft Celebrates Twenty Years of Walt Disney World" is The "Star Wars Holiday Special" Of Disney, but boy does this special do everything it can to make it hard.  First of all, it's cut down from a nearly two-hour special that ran over two weekends.  That explains some of the jarring editing, but I honestly don't know if more context would help.  The whole thing is '70's variety show Hell, but I must direct special attention to that courtroom scene and the scene where we're suddenly in "Mad Monster Party?"


Art of the Day!

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