Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Good Grief - Thoughts on "Death Prattle"

I have to begin with yet more sad news that helps explain why this blog has been in radio silence for a while now.

As readers may already know, my Godmother passed away earlier this summer.  Well, not long after that, my uncle passed away.  This uncle of mine had one of the most interesting lives imaginable, lived in a big old house full of treasures from his journeys around the world, and shared with us excellent sci-fi books and the strangest b-movies he could find.  And he just died very suddenly.  And having just typed that, I hate it, because now it feels more real.  Anyway, that's two major losses in a row for me this year.

It was in this grieving state that I discovered "Death Prattle".

"Death Prattle" is a very good podcast hosted by Tara Dunderdale and Talcott Starr.  And it is all about death and grief and mourning.  Both hosts have suffered profound losses in their lives.  They and their guests speak very frankly about their experiences.  It's often a very hard listen (it's taken me quite a while to catch up with the new episodes) but it's well worth it.  And, you have to trust me here, it's frequently hilarious.

"Death Prattle" is available on iTunes.  It can be found on Twitter here.


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