Friday, June 10, 2016

Sad News

My beloved aunt and Godmother passed away last Sunday morning.  Yesterday was her funeral.  This whole week has been an awful whirlwind of mourning and heartache and I'm just now able to write about this here.

My Godmother was an incredible, wild, vivacious woman who loved me like another daughter.  Her loss is so monumental, my entire body hurts like I've been gutted.  If you ever met her, you'd never forget her, and you'd feel heartbroken too, because she brought joy and light to so many different people.

I think that was the only happy aspect of her wake; the line to pay her respects went around the block (twice, curling like a seashell, according to some!) and the room was so crowded that I kept crashing into people - but they were all people who I love and who love me.  That was my Godmother's effect on everyone and I don't have any better word for it than magic.  There are a lot of angels in my life but she - she's my Faery Godmother.

Life is never going to be the same without her.  But the world turns, time passes, and shows must go on, so new posts will go up as scheduled.  Drawing and writing helps keep me from despairing, and it helps me a lot to remember and laugh about the past.  We all know 2016 has been a really crummy year so far with all the profoundly creative people we've lost, so I think the best thing to do is fill the void with more creativity.  Art and imagination are the magic in this world and we need more.