Friday, June 17, 2016

Let's Read a Weird Preview of Barlowe's Expedition!

Current Science was one of the many, many magazines passed out in classrooms during the 80's and 90's, most of which were spin-offs of Weekly Reader.  This one specialized in science (of course), but would occasionally give some attention to speculative fiction.  There were issues with reader-submitted science fiction stories and an issue (which I have lamentably lost) that previewed the book Jurassic Park.  And there's this preview of Wayne D. Barlowe's Expedition.

This is, in fact, how I learned about Barlowe as an artist and where it finally clicked that fantastic creatures in film, books, games, and so on had to have been designed by an artist - a creature designer if you will.  Sadly, in hindsight, the article itself isn't very good.  The illustrations are, of course, unbeatable, but I'm not keen on how the residents of Darwin 4 are presented as a puzzle to be solved.  I do like that prompt for fanart at the end though...

Next week, I'm taking a mental health break and then...

...we finally start in on this feast.


Draw of the Day!

Here's a Barlowey critter I drew a while ago.  I figure something has to be swimming in that river...

7.24.08 Wayne D. Barlowe Type Thing

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