Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's go Behind the Scenes of "Walking With Dinosaurs"!

Man, I almost tossed this issue out without even flipping through it.  I mean, that cover.

(I do find it funny that a very dark and serious drama based on what was happening behind the scenes of the Three Stooges was teased... thus.  Then a few years later, rumors started bubbling of a feature film telling the same sad story and peopled with fine dramatic actors, and then when it finally arrived it looked like... this.  Point is, movies about the Three Stooges are probably destined to be confounding.)

I'm very happy that I did not, because nestled deep within the pages is this fine little article about the original "Walking With Dinosaurs" miniseries.  And it's labeled as something you adults can watch with your children because why would you ever otherwise watch something about dinosaurs, which are for the children, I guess?

I appreciate that there's a little acknowledgement of the controversy over "Walking With Dinosaurs"; how a great deal of it is purely speculative.  But I wish it was presented in less of a "pedantic scientist hates fun" way.  I'm from the future, speculative biology bordering on straight fantasy "documentaries" on the Discovery networks and the idea that paleontologists spend much of their time whining about accuracy instead of enjoying things is just going to get worse.

But never mind all that; here's the article in it's entirety:


Sketch of the Day

For no reason (except for I don't think I've shared them here yet), gestures from the World Figure Skating Championship Exhibition:

4.3.16 - Skating Champ Gestures

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Emily Holland-Robinson said...

My parents taped this! I used to watch this over and over again.