Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Spring of Weird 90's Magazines

Like so many things in life, it all started innocently enough.  Not too long ago, legendary animator Andreas Deja posted an issue of Modern Maturity magazine about animated films of the 1990's.  I recognized it immediately; my grandparents had a copy of the same issue and I read it over and over until I practically had it memorized.  Please go to Deja View and read it now, if only for that list of upcoming films, yo.  Bluth's "Hansel and Gretel", something from Hannah-Barbera called "Endangered", and of course the "Roger Rabbit" sequel, which I will believe is a thing when I'm in the theater watching it.

That sent me on a quest looking through old magazines I'd collected over the years.  Sadly, I did not find that issue of Modern Maturity ... but look at what I did find:

So.  We're going to be reading some of these this spring.  Not all of them: Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs already covered that National Geographic issue, the Pokemon Stadium magazine is just the game's guide, and the anniversary issue of Disney Adventures is surprisingly boring.  I have many more old TV Guides than shown here though, and they've turned out to be treasure troves (though I suppose that's inevitable when you do issues about television for children twice a year).  And I cannot wait to get to Summer's Best Bets For Kids, which dates back to 1993 and is so packed it might take all summer to cover. I'm saving that one for last.  The rest I'll do in chronological order why not.

I'm going to be very busy scanning all these so this post is really just a teaser.


Sketch of the Day!

You know, I don't remember my dreams often enough todraw things that appear in them, but when I do...

3.30.16 - Dream Creatures

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Gray N Stanback said...

I'm pretty sure the Hanna-Barbera movie called "The Endangered" was actually a working title for "Once Upon A Forest".