Thursday, December 17, 2015

The 25 Weird Days of Christmas Day 17: "Snowden on Ice!"

It's time for "Snowden on Ice", kids!  The musical ice show about a dude who blew the lid off the many and varied terrifying ways the government is spying on us!

I'm lying.  It's about a cute snowman with the kinda-weird-in-hindsight name Snowden.

I'm still lying!  This special isn't about either Snowden at all.  I had it confused with a different, considerably less bonkers special.  This one's about the grand-daughter of a famous skater who travels back to her old town to find her childhood rival still has a beef with her and that the neighborhood kids won't accept her daughter if she can't skate.  Goodness, I love me some heavy interpersonal drama for Christmas.

Oh and the whole thing is narrated by Scott Hamilton in a ghastly old man voice and the little girl playing the daughter seems desperate to run away from the special and the adults making her be there.  Snowden (the snowman) finally does show up and he's... the ghost of skating grandpa?  And also the grand-daughter's children's book character come to life?  Sure why not.


Art of the Day!

There's a bit where the grand-daughter remembers the magic of Christmas and snowmen and skating and whatever, and she skates to a song that goes, "Fly, though your wings are broken."  That's as nice a sentiment as "Do a Triple-Lutz though your legs are broken."  But it did get me to draw this cutie:

12.11.15 - Cute Cardinal Face

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