Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yeah, Links of Interest.

I may have big news for the end of the month and therefore I am quite busy.  This, of course, means you get some Links of Interest.  And since it has been a while since I last did this, you are going to get a lot of them:

* - You have to admire Don Bluth for never giving up on the "Dragon's Lair" movie he's been trying to get off the ground for years and years.  He recently talked to Cartoon Brew about it and other projects.

* - Just recently launched is the wonderful website A Mighty Girl, a huge list of fiction recommendations for mothers and daughters to share.

* - You may file "Ask A Velociraptor" under Ideas I Wish I Had Thought Of First.

* - Brian Switek recently pleaded with the mainstream media to, you know, maybe chill out about dinosaurs for a while.

* - Brian also watched an episode of "Ancient Aliens" so that the rest of us wouldn't have to.  (And oh, has he gotten some interesting comments on that one...)

* - Brian also recently appeared as a special guest on "Science Sort Of"!  Dude's been busy!

* - Kate Beaton shared this lovely autobiographical comic that I think a lot of us will sadly relate to. 

* - The Onion AV Club created a Primer to the works of Studio Ghibli.

* - In sad local news, one of Boston's most beloved radio stations (and IMO, the last one left that's worth a damn) was sold to the dreaded Clear Channel.  I got to listen to WFNX in it's death throes on Friday.  Fun times.

* - In happy local news, Franklin Park Zoo is celebrating it's 100'th year anniversary!  This article has several intriguing vintage photographs.

* - The Urban Pantheist is participating in a very interesting citizen science project that... OK, seriously, half of me wants to do this too and the other half does not know what my OCD would do with the resulting data.

* - Niroot recently finished his so-gorgeous-you-will-cry illustration of Thecodontosaurus.

* - People have been buzzing about Toniko Pantogia's short "Crayon Dragon" recently and for good reason; it will make a rainbow in your heart.

* - Although it has since become bittersweet, Adam Yauch's Criterion Collection recommendation list is a hilarious read.

* - Best Week Ever dug up this very strange commercial that reminds us all what life was like before you could buy your favorite songs a la carte for about a buck or two.

* - Deep Sea News shared some insight into the amazing footage of the "Abyss"-like Deepstaria jellyfish that's been making the rounds lately.

* - TetZoo reported on a fossil nesting colony of Enantiornithines.

* - Scott C.'c well-loved "Great Showdowns" illustrations will be collected into a book sometime this October.

* - And Life Before the Dinosaurs just celebrated it's one year anniversary!


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