Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Brief History of Figments

While perusing Progress City's videos, I happened upon this post that included... well, see for yourself:

Oh wow. Oh WOW!!! Such a nostalgia buzz, where do I start?

So this fellow has kindly shared all the footage he has collected over the years of the original not-embarrassing Journey Into Imagination pavilion. It does not include footage of the ride itself, but it is otherwise about as complete an audio-visual history of the attraction as you can get, so you can see that us 80's kids aren't just running on misaimed nostalgia here. Highlights include:

* - Two variations of the Rainbow Bridge

* - A nice, long sample of Dreamfinder's School of Drama

* - A never-publicly shown preview short film by special effects wizard Mike Jittlov

* - And the 3-D film "Magic Journeys" in almost it's entirety. (I'll warn you there are moments that freaked me out as a child and I can see why now. Nothing explicitly scary happens, but the haunting score and dreamlike mood are a tad bit unnerving. In the "this is the kind of soft-focus 70's movie that makes you think you are high even though you are stone-cold sober". That kind of unnerving.)

For less rosy nostalgia for lost Disney attractions, I give you this hilarious look at the very early days of California Adventure:


Sketch of the Day!


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Adam said...

Is it odd that I find that fly you drew strangely adorable?