Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Hai, Links of Interest!

I've been doing a bunch of autumn cleaning, so I don't know if any Halloween stuff will show up here outside of this list. Anyway, here for you are links!

* - First off, Dear Mainstream News. Please, for the love of God, do not report on this story. Because holy shit... (Edit: Dammit.)

* - Second off, Dear Mainstream News. Please, DO report on this story! Just don't do it wrong. (Ye Gods, "hair"? "WHALES"?!?)

* - Halloween Content! Here are twenty baffling costumes based off famous people. That last one will haunt me all day (although it is also kind of hilarious.) Also, fifty unintentionally terrifying costumes from the same site! I refuse to believe numbers four and three are real.

* - Also, the good folks behind Boston Comicon are having a 5K Run/Walk through C
ambridge... and all the participants must wear a costume.

* - Bogleech has a tribute to one of my favorite (talking, singing, carnivorous) plants.

* - Oh, Netflix. (Actually, this is good news as I, for one, dislike being inconvenienced the eff out of.)

* - Tough Pigs shared a gallery of weird, ugly, early versions of some beloved Muppet characters.

* - The Onion AV Club defended the second and third "Matrix" movies.

* - There's a new Simon's Cat short and... It's basically 😻 all the way down.

* - We finally have a Star Trek Cookbook. Easy on that Gagh, it'll give you nightmares.

* - The Chiodo Brothers are one (two, rather) of the great unsung animation/special effects masters. Here's a clip from a recent documentary that shows off some of their surprising credits.

* - An astute observation about the "Terra Nova" logo. (And the comments... Oh God, the comments...)

* - Far more entertaining than "Terra Nova" is this gem, discovered by Everything is Terrible.

* - Disney was clearly pleased by the response to the recent "Lion King" rerelease (I am sad I didn't get a chance to go) and so they are planning more rereleases. I have no problem whatsoever with this, especially since I want to see more hand-drawn animation in theaters. But Geek Dad has an uncharacteristically hysterical and negative response... (And the comments... Hooray, the comments! No, really!)

* - This guy, on the other hand, has a better idea. More importantly, somebody else likes "Fantasia 2000"!

* - Speaking of Disney, I present to all of my fellow Disney fans with weird senses of humor the Disney Face-Swap Tumbler. Man, I want to watch this version of "Pocahontas".

* - Speaking of 90's animation, Mtv has opened an archive of "Liquid Television" shorts.

* - Sue the T. rex's Twitter is the best Twitter.

* - Scythemantis has something for the Arachnophiles.

* - Dave from Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs met some new flying carnivorous friends and I am very jealous.

* - Speaking of birds, I love Hoatzins, you love Hoatzins, everybody loves Hoatzins and they have recently been showcased at TetZoo.

* - And finally, what better way to celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of Archaeopteryx than with this wonderful short by the good folks at Big Green Rabbit?


Sketch of the Day!

10.7.11 - The Naming of Dinosaurs


Niroot said...

I like Fantasia 2000 too. :)

Rappy said...

A good crop of links, though...

...Yeah, those comments on that Terra Nova link were horrid. I don't think your statement alone could have prepared me for that amount of fail.