Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Veggie, Fruit-Fruit / Veggie-Veggie, Fruit-Fruit / Veggie, Fruit-Fruit / CHA-CHA-CHA!!!


It's spring! It's spring! It finally came! My gosh, it's actually
nice out! The snow is gone and the air is full of bird song and frog song and pollen and mosquitoes and the little blackflies. Always the blackfly no matter where you go.

This week and next week will be nothing but gardening posts to celebrate (and also I will be very busy these two weeks). I've got a doozie to begin with.

Last week, my family and I started in on a grand science experiment: we built a raised vegetable garden. It's out by the side of the house and has not yet been eaten by ungulates knock on wood. Here's the tale of it's construction.

So many tomato options!

We'd been intrigued by the idea of making a raised bed for a while now and decided to start with a very simple one. We just picked out our five favorite plants and were a little overwhelmed by the options.

Vegetarian Confusion?

Something weird I saw while picking out seeds. So... would this be Herbivore Confusion then?

Plants get!

Anyway, we got a bunch of different tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, basil and mint, seeds of nasturtiums, beets, and spinach, onions to deter squirrels and marigolds to repel bugs. Ideally these plants won't know what pesticides even are.

Our poor van.

With our "software" acquired, it was time for the hardware. The garden is basically a box full of dirt, so here's the wood for the box and all the dirt.

Filling in the dirt.

And here's the noble box full of dirt constructed. We mixed the peat moss in with the garden soil to retain more water.

Placing the plants.

And now for the fun / emotionally satisfying part: placing the plants in their new homes. They got a little rearranged in the process of planting. After their first nice big soaking to settle the dirt...

June 1, 2011

Here's the garden on Day One. Hopefully, I'll remember to do weekly updates on it. It's a little hard to see but there is a fence to keep animals out, and yes this one is temporary until we can build a better fence.

Any advice or suggestions? Sound off in the comments please. Remember, I'm more used to plants who can essentially care for themselves.


In other news, the Mtv Movie Awards were this weekend and... It'd be easy to say "this generation of young people has failed." But really, Mtv needs to change the "you can vote online as often as you like" policy. My one vote for my favorite movies isn't going to mean squat against fifty Sucklings with lots of free time.


Sketch of the Day!

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And just to get it out of our heads...

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