Tuesday, February 22, 2011


NOTE: I had to bash this entry out quickly because I was headed to a skiing trip over this past long weekend and was pretty sure I'd feel like crap warmed over after I got back home. But I also thought that I would somehow still be able to update this post before it went live. That... didn't happen. Sorry for the slapdashy nature.

There has been a lot of talk about podcasts in the Art Evolved community lately. So today I will (finally) share a few of my favorites. Some folks like to listen to music to help them not go insane while drawing and painting, others like to listen to people talk about interesting stuff. I switch back and forth depending on the situation, but for the most part podcasts are the thing for me. I can easily divide them in three categories.


IFC News Podcast
- It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that this show has just gone extinct. Fortunately, it may return in a different format and in the meantime, what an opportunity to do an archive binge! They have excellent episodes that focus on one particular filmmaker (ie, Pixar, Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan, ect.), or one, often overlooked aspect of movies (trailers and marketing, defending "splatter movies" and their right to exist,and the digital enhancement of Megan Fox's face in "Jonah Hex" [really]).

The /Filmcast
- By far, my favorite movie podcast (and there are a lot of those out there). The hosts are fun and the show is Boston-based, so the show gets considerable Locality Points.
This is the kind of show that will actually invite infamous critic Armond "It's Popular So It Sucks" White on to defend himself. And, oh my, it covers two episodes and it's something to listen to...


Science... Sort Of!
- I've tried out a lot of science podcasts, but I think I was spoiled in listening to this one first. No other one has been as much fun to listen to. Also, the Brachiolope Gallery needs MOER BRACHIOLOPES! You can help by sending them more!

SciFi Saturday Night - Whereas "Science... Sort Of!" is a mostly factual podcast that talks abotu pop culture a little bit, this is sort of the opposite. The crew is very friendly and a joy to meet with every Boston Comicon. Yes, this podcast gets Locality Points as well.


Billy West is a name (or, perhaps more accurately, a voice) familiar to every animation fan, and The Nerdist has a fantastic interview with him. Hear the voice of Stimpy get downright philosophical!

Maurice LaMarche is another beloved voice actor and he does a fantastic interview at Battleship Pretension. He talks a bit more about voice acting and animation.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Meet David Orr episode of Meet the Skeptics. He mostly talks about subjects that will be familiar to anyone who has followed "Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs", but it's still a fun listen.


Art of the Day!

Oh, hey, a unicorn!

39. My Friend Flickr!

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David Orr said...

Thanks for sharing that Nerdist link! Billy West is a really interesting guy. Love this interview. Somehow I've not listened to the Nerdist before, and looking back on their guest history, I have NO IDEA WHY.

And thanks for sharing the link to my podcast interview!