Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh fooey, here's some Valentine's Day content.

Let us first acknowledge that St. Valentine's Day is the kind of holiday that must have MEANT something hundreds of years ago, but has been mutated into something that exists primarily to make card companies lots of money. And to make happy couples feel self-important, to make lonely and single people resentful and miserable, and to stress people who have a hard time finding just the right gifts right the heck out.

By the way, buy some cards for next year why not?

Valentine's Day specials used to be far more popular in the past and here we have one that is truly absurd. It needs a little introduction, though. Mostly, when I think of Valiumtime Day, I remember that was the day that this happy little fellow was kicked out of the nightclub that is my digestive system for being too disruptive and full of disease:

"Fun in the Backyard!" - Chapter the Fifth

Which is to say, if I may be Whiny Emo Art-Girl for a moment, that for me Valentine's Day is the day that a part of me died.

But that's also when I did the Chronological Disney Canon, and as I sat there enjoying the painkillers, I was able to recognize little bits of animation from movies I had never actually watched before. I knew that the Disney Channel liked to show clips of animated films at random times during the day. But they also liked to sync them up to popular songs, making music videos. They were probably the predecessor of the fan-made music video trend (of which this is the best, especially when coupled with it's sequel), and would probably be better known now if they weren't called... "Dtv".

An excellent sampler of "Dtv" videos, along with truncated versions of some odd shorts can be seen in this Valentine's Day special:

It's kind of long, so here are part two, part three, part four, part five, and part six.

Some highlights:

* - Never realized how strange that one short with Donald and his doppelganger is.
* - "Rock This Town" syncs up remarkably well with "All the Cats Join In".
* - I love the scene that out-of-nowhere introduces the Gummi Bears. Guess they had just premiered.
* - That scene from "Sword in the Stone" is quite the downer.
* - The "Heart of Rock-n-Roll" video is terrific, because this is much more typical of what "Dtv" was all about: "Let's see how many scenes of characters playing horns we can find, then just make a giant montage of them!"
* - That last bit (even though I kind of wish they'd stuck with "Once Upon a Wintertime"):


Art of the Day!

This is old, but why not? The inspiration for the aforementioned Valentine's Day cards which your sweetie would totally adore!

"Fun In The Backyard!" - Episode 31

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