Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Veritable Smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord of Links of Interest!

First off, thank you, everyone, for the outpouring of kind words and thoughts after the last post. It means an awful lot, you don't even know.

Tetrapod Zoology is five years old! Darren Naish's book, incidentally, is very good. I will warn you that it's basically a collection of older blog posts that, for the most part, were not archived online.

David Orr has a fantastic recap of Science Online 2011 at
Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, with a focus on their discussion of the role of art in paleontology. And it reminds me that I have to say some stuff about Brian Engh's... different take on sauropods.

Speaking of prehistoric beasties, Mrs. T! Mrs. T! Mrs. T!!!

Also, the terrific Dinosaur Tracking has some musing on whether we'll ever see a fourth "Jurassic Park". It also gives us a reason to worry about "Terra Nova": "We have dinosaurs we know existed from the fossil record but you get to make up your own dinosaurs as well!" - Showrunner Brannon Braga (To which I say, No. No, you cannot. No, no, no, NO, NO, NO, GODDAMMITSOMUCH!!!)

I said in my review of "Harry Potter Reloaded" that the highlight of the whole movie, and perhaps the best moment in any "Harry Potter" movie thus far, was the animated sequence retelling "The Tale of the Three Brothers".
Alexis Liddell has shared his fabulous concept art for the sequence on his blog recently. It's something to see.

Comics Alliance and Topless Robot both reported on a brilliant short film entitled "Lazy Teenage Superheroes". Have a look here. Whole thing cost $300.00. Holy. Sh*t.

Fark.com linked to some article about animals in the Telegraph and while I read it, I spied this spectacular gallery of birds in mid-flight photographed by Roy Hancliff. Prepare to be inspired.

The delightfully named
Bogleech Blog (Blogleech?), run by the delightfully twisted Scythemantis has a recap of the recent episode of the delightful "Pokemon" Anime centering around a character who already has a very dedicated cult following: Yabukuron, the living trash bag. He also comments on some of the supposed English names for the Black/White critters. (I will believe them when I see an official release from Nintendo.)

Speaking of "Pokemon", Valigarmander has posted his truly epic chart of bizarre entries in the various Pokedexes throughout the game series. It begs the question, how are humans even alive with these things running around?

Bad Astronomy has a reaction to yet another epic science reporting failure that managed to slip past me (since nobody I know mentioned it, I suppose that's a good sign). In other news, Zaphod! NOOOO!!!

If you are somehow unaware of the wonder and magic that is Nedroid, these adorable 200+ Bad Comics Challenge posts are a great place to start. Read them here and here. I think I need to do the same challenge someday.

TouringPlans.com has a small collection of Disney news, mostly about the ongoing construction happening throughout Walt Disney World. Basically, it may not be worth it to go down there this spring. But this time next year... holy Iwerks!

The Audubon Society's blog has a criticism of the recent, and very strange, "Bears Love McDonalds" commercial.

And finally, Tracy J. Butler, of the awe-inspiring Lackadaisy Cats (seriously, I am in awe of her draftsmanship), has created a priceless tutorial/chart on facial expressions.


Art of the Day!

I did this little watercolor study of aquatic plant life in October and never got around to uploading it. Thought a little taste of warmer weather might cheer us all up:

8.10 - Another look at the lake in autumn

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