Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The weird, wonderful world of Polish movie posters.

(This one's a little slapdash because I was -horrors- Away from the Internet for a few days and had to get this ready to post in a hurry.)

So FARK.com recently linked to this news article, which in turn linked to this website, a online shop providing original movie promotional art from Poland. The story goes something like this: for about fifty years, during the communist era, Polish movie theaters were not able to use the official movie posters or other promotional art from the studios. So they went ahead and created their own.

But never mind the history of the posters or the politics behind the scenes. These posters are beautiful, and the website give you a fantastic array of almost-forgotten outsider art. They run from the surreal, to the whimsical, to the "dang, this movie actually looks watchable", to "here comes nightmares", to "what the hell freaked-out movie did you watch, crazy poster painter guy?"

Man, and here I was thinking it was just some interchangeable '80's buddy action-comedy movie. I think I need to see it now.


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