Thursday, July 29, 2010

August is Don Bluth Month!

Hey, why not?

If there was ever one animator I owed my childhood, it's Don Bluth. So to celebrate the approximately one-and-a-half-year-old birthday of this blog, I'm going to go ahead and fill my Netflix queue with every movie of his in chronological order, much like I did with his old bosses.

I'm not going to get as crazy as I did with the Chronological Animated Disney Canon though.
I won't be including things like the "Xanadu" fantasy sequence (I actually like the movie -remember, I'm a thirty-something year old woman- but that's a l-o-n-g musical to sit through for something that was so brilliantly parodied in "Anchorman" of all places) or the Bluth Disney films (been there, done that; If you like, read the Disney Canon and branch off of it after "Pete's Dragon".) I'm only doing movies (and games!) available through Netflix unless I can get the VCR working again. That means I'll have to skip "Banjo the Woodpile Cat" and I very likely won't be able to watch "Rock-A-Doodle" or "Bartok the Magnificent". (As much as I am an obsessive-compulsive completest, I'm... not terribly sad about that.)

But I will get to watch Bluth movies I have never ever seen before! Films like... "A Troll in Central Park." Yay?

Man, I can already tell that the early films will be awesome, wonderful, and maybe even make me weep out of sheer nostalgia-buzz. And I can already tell that I will be wondering, "why I am doing this," round about the time I get to "Thumbelina".

I will not be watching any of the "Non-Buth" sequels either, but that goes without saying. (Damn you to hell, Universal! Damn yoooooouuuuu!!!!! )

The chronology will be based on
the list over at TV Tropes. My plan is to watch a movie a night, however feasible, and however compatible with baseball and such. Then I want to get on here and post my immediate thoughts. It's a veritable Bluthapalutha!

NOTE: To curtail a bunch of posts from enthusiastic younger readers, yes, I know about the Nostalgia Critic and that it appears as though he and the Nostalgia Chick are gradually working their way through the Bluth filmography. Thank you.

I'm sticking with the M/W/F schedule for this. Up first, probably my favorite movie...


Sketch of the Day!

Heh. Click for big/legible:

"Fun in the Backyard" Episode... something.

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