Friday, December 11, 2009

"From all of us, to all of you, a Weird Disney Thing Christmas...

And on this bright and joyful night, we're glad to have you with us!"
For a whole bunch of Disney Channel brats, such words heralded the arrival of the holiday season. "A Disney Channel Christmas" cobbled together a few old clip-show style episodes of "Wonderful World of Disney" with some new footage and the wondrous video editing technology of 1983. It includes some of the best scenes from a random cross-section of the Disney Animated Canon (just as an example, "Peter Pan" has the
least tenuous Christmas connection), as well as the gorgeous "Pluto's Christmas Tree" and the strange "Mickey's Good Deed". All this and a reminder of why Jiminy Cricket is still one of the best characters ever:

"Pluto's Christmas Tree might just be my favorite out of the bunch. Here's a look at that astonishing background art from Animation Backgrounds.
Bonus: Wintery weirdness from the "Sing-Along-Songs" videos:


's Bad-Ass Christmas Bazaar happens tomorrow in Davis Square. I'll be at my family Christmas party, but I participated last year and it was a great deal of fun. It's all-ages friendly, so stop by if you're in the area.

If Comicazi doesn't fill your arts-n-crafts fair needs, stop by the Massachusetts College of Art on Sunday and enjoy the Mass Market. It's the final day of MassArt's students' art sale too!

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