Friday, October 30, 2009

Weird Disney Things - Halloween Version!

The Pesky Squirrel!
Last year's Pesky Squirrel Pumpkin. Here's the pattern; it was a big hit with the neighborhood. I recommend a big pumpkin, a melon baller, and a vegetable peeler for effects.
Tomorrow night, the good little children shall be getting Snickers, KitKats, and M&Ms. Children who don't bother to wear costumes shall get Smarties. Mwahahahaha!!!
This year, I am also giving you some nightmare fuel. Click to read:
"Fun in the Backyard!" - Episode 39.1 "Fun in the Backyard!" - Episode 39.2 "Fun in the Backyard!" - Episode 39.3 "Fun in the Backyard!" - Episode 39.4 "Fun in the Backyard!" - Episode 39.5
Continuing the tradition of finding weird Disney things, how about some weird Disney Halloween-ish things?
Here's "The Skeleton Dance" from 1929 (NOTE: 20's era cartoons = creepytown) set to Taco's version of "Puttin' On the Ritz". I'd give you the original version with the original music, but I couldn't find it, and this AMV is pretty good and actually makes this song listenable:

I LOVE "Trick or Treat" from 1954! Donald Duck and June Foray as a nice witch both = Instant win. And dig the song's compellingly confusing lyrics ("Your little white house turns green!"):

And speaking of Donald Duck (my brother under the skin; we're both horror story sissies) here is a spooky cartoon from 1945 that is not only the eeriest Donald Duck cartoon, but one of the strangest Disney cartoons ever made (though not the weirdest*):

Now having just watched "Duck Pimples" again, I noticed that it's certainly stranger than I remember.
It is incredibly dark for Disney; you'd never expect this kind of unnerving surreality from them.
Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!

- "Duck Pimples" is simply darker than expected, and it might even freak you out if you watch it late at night. But the weirdest Disney cartoon, for those of you just joining this blog, is "Plutopia", the usual reaction to which is, "what the hell did I just watch?"
Shortly followed by, "I just watched a Mickey Mouse cartoon that started out completely normal, but ended shortly after Pluto was being overfed by a self-loathing, suicidal, sadomasochistic cat who constantly begs Pluto to bite him. And I cannot UNsee it."

Note: I can guarantee that by the time some of you read this, most of these old cartoons will have been taken down. Tell you what, Disney. If you want to keep people from watching your cartoons online, how about you f***ing air them on television once in a while?
I remember when Toon Disney first arrived and the people in charge of it had the balls to say, "We're BETTER than Cartoon Network! They just acquired the rights to the MGM and Warner Bros. libraries. But we have an almost 100 year old tradition behind us!"
Guess what's on Toon Disney tonight?
"Power Rangers" reruns.

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