Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Little Pwny - A Girl and her Quest for a Fleet of Fuzzy Fliers

I am still recovering from this past weekend. But I have also just listed my very first group of items up for auction on Ebay. Do have a look, won't you? And you know, it's high time I write about this My Little Pony thing. There will certainly be more about this later.

3.18.09 - Hippity Hop Hooray!

Some weeks ago, I was working on some Photoshoppery when I started getting very hungry. I checked the mailbox on the way to the kitchen and -- hey, free waffles in the mail!


Now, in my defense, free samples aren't uncommon. That recycled Eggo box featured something much more awesome than mere waffles...


Bouncy and her baby! This was a deal on Ebay that I just could not pass on. They seriously needed a bath, but afterward, they looked lovely. They were ready to stand among my growing army of So-Soft Pegasuses.

3.28.09 - My Quest for a complete set of fuzzy fliers

Aren't they lovely? I have more on the way from the "worldwide garage sale". Click for a bigger picture and the surprisingly sweet story behind Northstar and her kid.

P.S. - I also got this comic book off Ebay, which, as a collector of hilarious New Kids on the Block memorabilia, I could not resist:


I cannot wait to read this thing, because it looks like it is going to be four parts awesome and six parts balls-out insane.
Addendum:I was right. O.o

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