Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Little Pwny - A Girl and her Quest for a Fleet of Fuzzy Fliers

I am still recovering from this past weekend. But I have also just listed my very first group of items up for auction on Ebay. Do have a look, won't you? And you know, it's high time I write about this My Little Pony thing. There will certainly be more about this later.
3.18.09 - Hippity Hop Hooray!

Some weeks ago, I was working on some Photoshoppery when I started getting very hungry. I checked the mailbox on the way to the kitchen and --
Bouncy and her baby! This was a deal on Ebay that I just could not pass on. They seriously needed a bath, but afterward, they looked lovely. They were ready to stand among my growing army of So-Soft Pegasuses.
3.28.09 - My Quest for a complete set of fuzzy fliers
Aren't they lovely? I have more on the way from the "worldwide garage sale". Click for a bigger picture and the surprisingly sweet story behind Northstar and her kid.

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