Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day -and- "Wait, what did she mean, 'Poor Deadpool'?"

Happy Stereotype Enforcement Day! I can't outdo Cap'n Wacky or The Worst Cartoons Ever, though I do have relevant reviews at Nessie's Realm here and here.

Now the points I was trying to make in that rambling, incoherent Watchmen post last week were simply these:

* - Reading is really, really important to me. The film adaptations of the books (not to mention other media) I love the most have, in the past, been disappointing at best and terrible at worst. Therefore, any new adaptation of something I love I will meet with apprehension.

* - By far, the worst adaptations are the ones that fail spectacularly in understanding what I loved about the original.

That last bit is important. It's the reason why I said, "Poor Deadpool" earlier.
It's because this is happening. (Lots of swearing but you can't blame him.)
Now, having never read any comics where Deadpool is involved, I'm not so emotionally invested. But I do know that he is a popular character, he's very funny, and he is the favorite character of a significant number of people. So, simple question: Why in the world would you even bother using a fan-favorite character if you're just going to change everything about him?

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