Monday, January 26, 2009

Yet more DCAU thoughts and a *very* strange early 90's Disney Thing.

"Justice League Unlimited"
This is a series that hits the ground running at top speed. I've only seen the first few episodes of the first season so far and I'm already ready to gush. The sense of continuity is incredible and it's like a reward for having watched every one of these series. It even redeems the "Superman" series for me; "For the Man Who Has Everything" is easily the best episode "Superman" never got to have (and yes, it made my eyes rain. What? I'm a chick!)

Which brings us to the promised *very* strange early 90's Disney thing: "Mickey's 60'th Birthday Special". This very weird film is the way Disney chose to celebrate Mickey's 60'th anniversary back in 1989-90 or thenabouts. I'd have loved to write a full review of it. Unfortunately, the quality is pretty bad. I know video doesn't preserve well, but you're a Princess among Disney geeks if you can watch the whole thing (and if you do, keep an eye out for more Roger Rabbit love).
Most importantly, it's an excellent demonstration of why I love YouTube and why I am very happy that it was invented in time for my generation to really appreciate: I could have sworn I had dreamed this as a kid. You'll see why soon enough.

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