Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is time to get *really* serious.

That is to say, it's time to tackle this thing right here:

I am, I will admit, intimidated as hell. But it's time. It isn't like the process is quick either; one can not simply "get a job" in this field. It's time to just shut up and get started.
Incidentally, I just found out about a companion book, The Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market. Does anyone have it and, if so, is it worth it / more up my alley in terms of getting the freelance illustrator career off the ground?
I also, just last night, finally did an archive binge on "Lackadaisy Cats" and... soooooo pretty...
I may actually have to start treating "Fun in the Backyard" seriously...

And while I hate to end on such a bummer, here is another Reasonable (you would hope) Proposal, based on the recent "Tom and Jerry" movie announcement. Dear Hollywood people. Please stop making feature films out of seven-minute cartoons. "Alvin and the Chipmunks" was a one time aberration (and even then, I only say that meaning it was a big hit; I'm not suggesting that it was any good).

Stop doing it. Please. Not everything needs to be a movie.
P.S. - That goes triple for children's books.

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