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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hello, Nostalgia Bomb. Let's Watch "A Dream Called Walt Disney World"

The early days of Walt Disney Home Video were... something.  But among the seemingly random films and specials in the first few runs of home video releases was this very nice short film about Walt Disney World circa 1980.  It's basically a visual guide to the park presumably for tourists.  But in it's brief half-hour it provides a lovely document of what Disney World had to offer back then.  The Bob-around Boats, Top of the World dinner show, and River Country may be gone now, but goodness, there are still a few early attractions I've never experienced!


Art of the Day!

More Mary Blair-ish things!

1.29.18 - Some Mary Blair-ish Warmups

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Grim, Grinning Osmonds Come Out to Socialize! - Let's Watch "Disneyland Showtime"!

"Trish," you ask, "I know you like sharing the weird vintage Disney Park specials you like to watch before heading down to Disney World to get yourself hyped.  But why in the world are you sharing one from 1970 set in Disneyland?"

Oh, boy.  Just watch:

So the main point of this here weird vintage Disney Park special from 1970 is to advertise the debut of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.  And eventually we do get there but not before one of the very oddest Disney specials I've ever seen.  The thing is, I know I saw this as a little kid and it almost certainly was my first encounter with nearly all the songs included in it.  And I'm almost positive this was the first time I ever encountered The Osmonds.  Whew boy...  

Unless you're a huge Osmonds fan, this gang of smiling white 70's boys with unsettling teeth are by far the least interesting aspect of the special.  They sing smiling white versions of contemporary songs, they are among the first people to ride the Haunted Mansion (I promise we're getting there), and they emphasize the crucial importance of having a designated spot to meet when your party gets separated.  Then again, this is a version of Disneyland where the costumed characters basically kidnap people.

I think this must have been made smack in the middle of what would eventually be unofficially known by Disney nerds as the Walt Disney Presents Weird Sh*t Happening to and/or Around Kurt Russel Series (not to be confused with the John Carpenter Presents Weird Sh*t Happening to and/or Around Kurt Russel Trilogy, generally considered better), because Kurt is our host here.  And he narrates the very best part of the special where we get a look at the effects and characters that populate the Haunted Mansion.  He also gives a STORY for the beloved ride that's much nicer than any business with rings stuck in the sidewalk.  We get to ride the ride along with the Osmonds and get a reminder of how mind-blowing those effects must have been for the first visitors.


Art of the Day!

Cute, Mary Blair-esque birds

1.29.18 - Some Mary Blair-ish Warmups


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Salute to All of America, but Mostly Mickey's Birthdayland? Let's Watch the 1988 WDW Independance Day Special!

It's February and you know what that means: I'm going to Walt Disney World this month!  And as is of course tradition, I am hyping myself up by watching weird vintage Disney Park television specials. 

And because I also felt it was kind of weird keeping a Christmas post up top for so long, here's a... Fourth of July special?  Well, why not?

A special with this much stuff is right for any season.  Highlights include wrong-sounding Mickey announcing the whole entire new Magic Kingdom land built for his birthday, the very odd "Spirit of America" parade, a look at the then-new Norway pavilion, the Electric Light Parade complete with circus floats, a special preview of the Disney/MGM Studios, and the triumphant return of our lanky tap-dancing friend Tommy Tune in a patriotic musical finale that seems to go on forever.  I hope that everyone in the coming year brings as much enthusiasm to their creative endeavors as Uncle Jessie does playing percussion here.


Art of the Week!

I drew Pluto from memory and this happened:

1.13.19 - I Drew Pluto From Memory

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The New and Improved Christmas Movie/Special Bingo!

Happy Night Before the Night Before Christmas everyone!  I have a very special present for you: an actually usable version of my old Christmas Movie/Special Bingo game!

 Click here to play right in your browser!  Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

On Moleskine Altenatives - Again...

Here at the old art blog, I like Sketchbooks a lot.  And I like testing Sketchbooks that are sometimes promoted as Moleskine alternatives.  Over the years, I've met and drawn in quite a few Moleskine alternatives and their quality can vary wildly.  So, in the spirit of the holiday season, here are the four most recent Sketchbooks, reviewed:

I talked a bit about the ZenArt Supplies B6 Sketchbook before and much of my opinion still stands.  I did learn that this Sketchbook takes art markers very well (with insane bleed-through) as seen above, which helps alleviate some of my criticisms.

This awesomeness is the Illo Sketchbook and it is so good.  The pages are nice and thick, and I think I could've easily got away with drawing on both sides, which is a very unique feature among the books I'm reviewing today.  It loves watercolor, pencils, inks, markers and more.  This is, after all, the Sketchbook that saw me through this year's MerMay.  The Illo is my favorite Sketchbook out of the lot and I've already got another one waiting in the wings.

Unfortunately, this means our next two Sketchbooks aren't so great.  This is the Leda Art Supplies Sketchbook.  If you bought a Sketchbook from Amazon recently, you've almost certainly seen it advertised.  I really didn't like the thinness of the paper and that floppy flexible cover is a killer.  And speaking of covers...

We've come to my current Sketchbook and... Look, I love all me Sketchbooks like they are my babies.  This is the Handbook Flexi-Sketch, and about halfway through it's rating a big old "Yikes."  Those pages are thin, thin, thin and they even roll over and give up at the sight of one of my trusty ballpoint pens.  But it's the cardstock-thick cover that seriously messes me up.  What a shame; I really liked the other Handbook I tried way way back in that first post.

So there you have it, four different Moleskine-alikes reviewed.  My verdict is get yourself an Illo, then maybe get another for your Secret Santa.  Have a great holiday season everyone!