Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Franklin Park Zoo in October?

Sure, why not? In the middle of everything else, my cousin and her daughter were visiting and this was the only chance I'd get to bond with them.  And the giraffes were out!

10.6.17 - Franklin Park Zoo Sketches

10.6.17 - Franklin Park Zoo Sketches

10.6.17 - Franklin Park Zoo Sketches

10.6.17 - Franklin Park Zoo Sketches

10.6.17 - Franklin Park Zoo Sketches

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The... Somewhat Delayed Inktober Wrap-up

Ready for Inktober?

So, an awful lot of things happened between the last blog post and this one and most of them were, indeed, awful.  I apologize in advance for the sad news but having hadn't posted in ages, I feel like an explanation is owed.

The month began with the sudden passing of my uncle, one of the funniest people I ever knew and the husband of my Godmother, who passed away last year.  This has, all told, been a hell of a couple of years for me.  Much of October was spent dealing with the fallout from this.  And just as my family and I were starting to get a handle on things, the month ended with The Nameless Storm.  At least ten trees were down in our neighborhood and we lost power for a week (we have a generator thank goodness, but still).  Fun times.

So October, the month, was a seemingly endless nightmare.

INK-tober, however, was fantastic.  I loved seeing everyone's art; it really did cheer me up during a terrible time.  I also drew a picture for every single day in October and honestly, I have no idea how I even did it.  To tell the truth, I'm a little soured on daily art challenges even though this was mostly stressful because of extenuating circumstances.  Anyway, here they all are.  Head to Flickr for the larger versions and more information:

Day One: Swift

Day Two: Link Rat

Day Three: Zelda Rat?

Day Four: Underwater

Day Five: Snawfus

Day Six: Little Pattern

Day Seven: Another Little Pattern

Day Eight: Great Fairy Capybara

Day Nine: Epona Mara

Day Ten: Korok... Acorn... Thing?

Day Eleven: Fairydiddle Tingle?!

Day Twelve: Oh No, Cat Ganon!

Day Thirteen: The Triforce is Cheese of Course!

Day 14: Porg!

Day 15: Clio Chiang's Wolf Girl

Day 16: A Sweet Kitty

Day 17: A Zebra!

Day 18: Raccoon Shenanigans

Day 19: My Loony Heart

Day 20: Smudgy Lil' Owl Friend


Day 22: A Loud Squawk

Day 23: I Just Read _La Belle Sauvage_...

Day 24: Fall Fairy

Day 25 - Vines!

Day 26: Fall Forest

Day 27: Mild "Alien: Covenant" Spoilers...

Day 28: Mild "Stranger Things 2" Spoilers

Day 29: Fairy Patterns

Day 30: Chipmunk Shenanigans!

Day 31: Spooky Forest After the Storm

Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's Inktober!

Ready for Inktober?

Heck yeah!   Headover to Inktober headquarters for instructions, a prompt list, and more.  I'm probably going to do weekly roundups again.

The prompt for Day One is "Swift", and who else could I possibly draw for that?

Inktober 2017 Day One: Swift

Monday, September 4, 2017

Smaugust Finale!

By request, a Lion-Dragon having fun on the beach:

8.27.17 - Dralion at the Beach

Toothless from memory:

8.28.17 - Toothless

And a bonus Meatlug (also from memory):

8.29.17 - Gronkowsky the Gronkle

Steven Magnet!

8.30.17 - Steven Magnet!!!

And finally, since the theme for Folklore Thursday was Pirates, here's Leon Lyngbakr and Captain Stupidbeard about to have a real bad day.

8.31.17 - Leon the Leviathan


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Smaugust Week Four!

So... I needed to draw something cute with dragons after the latest "Game of Thrones". So here's Axew dancing to her favorite song. (It is, of course, Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk".)

8.20 - Dancing Axew

And speaking of "Game of Thrones", have some massive spoilers (and a "Die Hard" quote.)

8.21 - Merry Christmas from the Night King

If you like cats and dragons, let me introduce you to the strange Alpine mythical beast, the Tatzelwurm:

8.22 - The Tatzelwurm

A little dragon with a fabulous array of headgear:

8.23 - Lovely Horns

The Folklore Thursday theme was Fairies, so here's a Pyrallis. These tiny Fairy-Dragons from Cyprus are attracted to light (indeed, they're said to live inside forges) and are so small, they look like dancing sparks.

8.24 - Pyrallis

A friend on Facebook asked me to draw Falcor from memory, so here he is:

8.25 - "I'm a Luck Dragon!"

And finally, here's an Oroboros who has just watched this and is just so happy to be trendy again.

8.26 - Oroboros

Five more days of dragons left!