Friday, October 12, 2018

Inktober Week Two -and- "Return to OZ" Tweetmentary!

Time for another weekly Inktober wrap-up along with a Halloweeny movie Tweetmentary.  Lots of nice botanical studies and experiments with paintbrushes in this batch, if I may say so myself.  As usual, click on the pictures to see them on Flickr.

10.8.18 - Gnarly Tree Study

10.9.18 - Branch study

10.10.18 - CapWolf?

10.12.18 - Little Swirly Dragon

10.12.18 - Little Brushy Blue Jay


For this week's Tweetmentary, I have a movie that I find endlessly fascinating: 1985's "Return to OZ".  I had quite a lot to say about it, so this is going to stretch over two Moments*.  Since embeds don't appear to be working, here are the links to Part One and Part Two

* - So how about that rumor that we'll soon not be able to make new Moments on Mobile?  Ha ha!  Ha ha ha ha!  (Cries...)

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