Sunday, October 7, 2018

Inktober Week One -and- "Hocus Pocus" Tweetmentary!

It's Inktober!  This year I am going to make myself do a weekly wrap-up of my Inktober drawings by accompanying each weekly wrap-up with a Tweetmentary of a Halloweeny movie!  We'll get to our movie in a minute; first Inktober Week One!  Click the pictures to got to Flickr for more info.

10.1.18 - Crappy Venom

10.2.18 - Potions

10.3.18 - "Hocus Pocus" Crocodile

10.4.18 - Fraidy Cat

10.5.18 - Chicken

10.6.18 - Pumpkin...

10.7.18 - Chickadee

Our first Inktober Film Festival Halloween Tweetmentary is a doozy: 1993's "Hocus Pocus"!  I hadn't watched this movie since 1993, so this was a heck of a time. 

Here's the Link...

And here's the Handy Embed: