Thursday, June 7, 2018

MerMay 2018!

Yay I did it!  I drew a mermaid for every single day in May!  Wooo!  Here they all are in a big ol' Twitter Moment!

And - AND - because I love you, some bonus mermaid art and fun stuff I posted elsewhere during the month, with bonus bonus comments, like Instagram:

Great day in the morning, the Illo is a fantastic Sketchbook!  I've gone through a rash of Moleskine-alikes and this one is my favorite so far.  Perfect size, takes all the media I like joyfully, and scans like a dream.  You know a Sketchbook is quality when you've moved on to the next one (which isn't even bad, just very very different) and you already miss it and want to get more of them.

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From now on, if I can help it, I'll never not use this stuff when painting Loons.

This was just a silly thing I made for fun but I broke the first rule of Animorphs cover parodies: the eyes are the "anchor".  Woops.

And for younger "My Little Pony" fans thinking, "Wait, I don't get it?" enjoy.

And stuff from Tumblr:

Now, I'm a little burnt out so maybe I won't be doing the daily JuneFae Challenge, but a periodic piece of Fairy fun isn't unreasonable.  Here's a little rainy day Fae:

6.4.18 - Rainy Day

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