Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"The Breach"

My thoughts on the D23 and SD Comicon fallout are coming later, and probably well after anyone could care.   For now, let's talk Sketchbooks.

6.30.17 - The Tiniest Tree-Squeak and the Biggest Sketchbook

A Saunders Waterford Sketchbook from St. Cuthbert's Mill.  The Lamborghini of English-made watercolor Sketchbooks.  It was gifted to me by my cousin this past Christmas.  Here is it post-cover customization, with good old Carnegie Collection Corythosaurus for scale:

As you can see, it is colossal.  Imposingly so.  And probably very expensive as the paper quality is insanely nice.

As you might imagine, I can't wait to fill this book with goofy-ass animals and crazy characters.

Because it's KaiJuly, I figured why not start with some fanart of the King of Monsters himself?

7.25.17 - The Breach

I love getting to play with scale.  I had a lot of fun looking for photo reference of whales backflipping and I'm pretty proud of that sweet sky I painted.

Additionally, it's not a bad transition, because guess what month it is?

8.1.17 - Smaugust!

I want to see if I can do a weekly wrap-up post of my daily dragons this month.

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