Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smaugust Week One... and Two

8.1.17 - Smaugust!

Smaugust!  The month of daily dragons!  This is the first of what will hopefully be a weekly wrap-up of all the dragons I drew in the past week.

8.2.17 - Limbs!

Got to wondering, if the "Game Of Thrones" dragons have only the two legs and two wings, why aren't they quad-launchers?!?!?

And thinking about it and getting a little fed up with all the wyvern-dragons in pop culture lately, anatomically believable flying tetrapods that are magical and breathe fire, I drew Leggy here.

8.3.17 - Curls

And here's Curly.

8.4.17 - Puff

And Puffy.

8.5.17 - Giant

And Giant. I like to think she's bright bright orange and periodically has to let the forest grow over her to blend in.

Then a lot of things happened over the past weekend and I did a catch-up day of drawing Dragon Pokemon from memory:

8.6.17 - Dragonite from Memory


8.7.17 - Salamance from Memory


8.8.17 - Flygon from Memory


8.9.17 - Hydreigon from Memory


8.9.17 - Bonus Goomy from Memory

And a bonus Goomy!

8.10.17 - The Dragon of Mordiford

The theme for Folklore Thursday this week was creatures of the forest.  A quick bit of research led me to the sad tale of the Dragon of Mordiford, pictured here before things rapidly go south.  (Note that in some versions of the tale, the dragon is described as a Wyvern [quad-launcher or not is never specified], so I gave this guy a few Wyverny features like fangs and a tail-blade while keeping him a proper dragon.  6+ limbs, damn it.  Heck, in other versions of the story, the dragon has multiple pairs of wings!)

8.11.17 - Kamata-kun

And finally, some fanart of a special boy from "Shin Godzilla", which I watched with my dad.  One or both of us might have sworn out loud when this thing first appeared. 

See you next week!

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