Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's Go Down to "Turtle Town"

My current Sketchbook is a little pocket-sized Moleskine that's been riding around in my purse with me for some time now. Since I'm going to be traveling a bit this month, I decided to finally make it my main Sketchbook and fill the dear little thing.

10.8.16 - Tiny Landscape

There were already quite a few very nice drawings and paintings in it from this past October.  The first few pages were full of watercolors of a place we call Turtle Town.  It's a tiny little inlet off the main section of the Lake.  It's easy to kayak to and, yes, you can often see turtles of unusual size hanging out on the sunny logs or lurking in the mud.

I didn't see any turtles last October when I paddled down to take reference photos and do a watercolor sketch or two, but I did find a lot of cool water plants.  So here's a page of botanical studies and a couple of landscapes.

Three Little Botanical Studies

10.8.16 - River Study

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