Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"I Will Carry You Here in My Heart You Remind Me!" Thoughts on Moana

Disney Animated Canon Movie #70*: "Moana"

Succinct review first:
It's so... beautiful... photo sobeautiful.png

More so than any other animated Disney film of this new era, more so than even "Frozen", "Moana" hit me right square in the childhood.  It is damn near perfect.  I love everything about it.  Everything.

Okay, this could easily turn into a gush-fest, so let's get into specifics.  Above all else, I love Moana herself.  She's a fantastic character and such and awesome heroine.  The songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda are terrific.  The animation is gorgeous.  I love the themes of redemption and the triumph of love and life.  And my goodness, I love Maui!  I love my magic wrestler genie grandpa!

Ron Musker and John Clements are officially The Best and I eagerly await whatever they want to do next. 

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