Friday, November 18, 2016

Catching Up With Draw Dinovember

I can't do much.  But I can draw cute dinosaurs for you.  Here are all the Draw Dinovember drawings I've drawn so far.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 1

Election Day was my catch-up day and... Well, anyway, here's a patriotic sauropod.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 2

I couldn't not draw Syntarsus and his amazing Mohawk.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 3

An episode of "Reading Rainbow" once proposed "Pink with purple spots" as a possible dinosaur skin color. It stuck in my head.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 4

Deinocheirus is just so happy to be here.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 5

Amargasaurus looking kinda wild!

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 6

And a little Allosaurus skull study why not.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 7

Kulindadromeus = Angry Fuzzball.

11.8.16 Draw Dinovember 8

And a Blue Jay, the noblest Corvid.


After Election Day, I woke up thinking, "I need to draw something cute." So I did.


More cuteness care of my new little buddy, Rowlet.


A "Thank You" for Veteran's Day.


And a Birthday present for my favorite model, Cliff the Triceratops.

Now... here's where things take a weird turn. This post about the nasal anatomy of Ceratopsians debuted over at TetZoo, and caused a little stir over on Twitter. And to join the Inflatable Ceratops Face Party, I drew this:


The possibility of other inflatable display structures on horned dinosaurs was brought up and... oh, no...


Getting well away from inflatable dinosaurs for a while, here's a super-chill and extra-fluffy Therizinosaur.


Finally, to celebrate the release of the new "Pokemon" game, here's a folk art Pidgeot.


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