Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"The Good Dinosaur" Tweetmentary!

This one was way weirder than I expected.

It's Twitter Moments time again!  Once again, note that posts couldn't be edited for spelling or anything but they have been shuffled around a little for clarity.  Thank you, everyone who watched along and contributed.

Part the First
Part the Second



Drawing of the Day! Just a little pet portrait.

3.8.16 - Junior Pet Portrait


Andrew Raymond Stück said...

I would also like to note that this is yet another dinosaur movie where the pteranodontids have teeth. Um, hello? It's Ptera-NO-don! The very name means toothless wing! If you want a large, toothy pterosaur, throw an Ornithocheirus in there instead.

Andrew Raymond Stück said...

I have to take issue with comparing this movie negatively to Fantasia; the dinosaurs were actually MORE accurate 76 years ago. At least the brontosaurs didn't have weird forward-bending elbows. Way to mess up the anatomy of... well, any tetrapod in earth's history, really. Don't animators usually act out movements they intend to draw, just to see if it makes sense?

David Prus said...

Fantasia had superior animation-the designs of the dinosaurs looked really cool, better storytelling without any talking, and of course a great Stravinsky score.

Now, comparing this to the Walking With Dinosaurs and Dinosaur movies, that makes more sense :)

Seriously, this is the best review I've ever seen of this movie. I remember being so hopeful when I heard Pixar was doing a dinosaur movie. Then I saw the poster of the Gumbysaur and Jim Henson's Caveman Stereotype Babies. I almost cried.