Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The World Needs Another Version of "Walk the Dinosaur". - Let's Watch "Flick's Musical Adventure"!

The full, absurd title is (deep breath) "Disney Sing-Along Songs: Flick's Musical Adventure at Disney's Animal Kingdom".  Here to please both fans of "A Bug's Life" and Disney's Animal Kingdom - without showcasing the song in "A Bug's Life" or ever mentioning the fact that there is a "Bug's Life" themed attraction in Disney's Animal Kingdom:

This makes for a pretty fascinating companion piece to last week's Animal Kingdom grand opening special.  Once again, they highlight the attractions centered around the animals themselves, this time in song.  And the songs, when they aren't from "The Lion King" (I have learned that I will never not get frisson from "The Lion King" OST) or Disney songs with new lyrics, are... dubious.  Yes, we do get another version of "Walk the Dinosaur", because why pass up an opportunity to trot out the world's laziest animal-related music cue?  It's not like there's a song specifically written for Animal Kingdom's Dinoland USA, right?

But oh my God, those "March of the ART-imals" parade costumes...


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1.22.16 - RE:Coded

Ah-hahaha, "Kingdom Hearts: RE:Coded"...

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raptor_044 said...

Personally, I've always preferred "Dinosaur Stampede" ( ) to any version of "Walk the Dinosaur".