Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Hooray for the 21'st Century!" - Let's Watch the 1982 EPCOT Opening Special!

My winter hiatus is over!  Let's go to Disney World!

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful. 

First off, when I think of futurism circa the very early 80's, I think of no other person but Danny Kaye.  Yeah, it's a strange choice from our point of view here in the actual 21'st Century, but it works.  Early Epcot was very high-concept, and Kaye introduces it all with humor and warmth.  (And ear-worms.)

Keep an eye out for Roy "Guy Who Seems To Be In All These Old Disney Specials" Clark, Sico, better known as that robot from "Rocky IV" with a surprisingly poignant origin, many teases for pavilions that would never see the light of day, a finale where Marie Osmond makes it weird in the way only an Osmond can, and loads of early 80's "Computers can do ANYTHING" hype.


Art of the Day!

1.31.16 - Winter Goldfinch

Winter Goldfinches are extra-cute.

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