Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Ancient Dead Lizards" - Let's Watch Disney's Animal Kingdom Opening Special!

We're traveling through sixteen years of Walt Disney World history in a couple of weeks.  And, as far as opening specials for the higher-concept gates go, not a whole lot has changed:

Drew Carey is our advertised host, but it's really Jane Goodall who steals the show and lends a great deal of class and authenticity to a park that, at the time, was going through an awkward age.  You'll notice that, although we do have mercifully brief visits to both Camp Minnie-Mickey and Dinoland (but a-yi-yi, that Dinoland segment.  I guess it does make for a fascinating demonstration of many of the things we talked about here, but I'd be in a far happier place if it didn't.), most of the emphasis is put on the safari and other live animal attractions.  They were hands-down the best things Animal Kingdom had to offer at the time; arguably they're still the best parts of the park to this day.


Art of the Day!

2.2.16 - Bird Creatures

Weird bird-things!

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