Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The 25 Weird Days of Christmas Day 9: "Christopher the Christmas Tree"

Oh man, this one's a doozie:

* - There's about five minutes of commercials before the special starts, so it's a good opportunity to play "Alternate Universe or Canada".
* - Everybody in this special who isn't Christopher or one of his, uh, residents is a garbage person with a heart full of lies and doo-doo on their soul.
* - Oh my God, this is going to turn into a religious thing, isn't it?
* - We just flash-forwarded a decade?!
* - Welp, good for the kids and Christopher but it sucks to be one of the little animals living in Christopher during the winter because he was the only tree for *miles*.
* - The announcer guy's reason for naming Christopher Christopher... O_o


Art of the Day

I cannot outdo the greatest fanart for this special, but I can try.

12.3.15 - Christopher

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