Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The 25 Weird Days of Christmas Day 8: "A Miser Brothers Christmas"

Does anyone seriously remember a time when the 1974 Rankin Bass special "The Year Without a Santa Claus" was obscure?  Trust me when I say it used to be.  Now it's practically a standard with a sequel and everything: 

* - Props to Cuppa Coffee studios for emulating the Rankin-Bass style reasonably well.
* - Except for Mrs. Claus' design in this special which is upsetting to me:
12.2.15 - Mrs. Claus?

* - "The Year Jay Leno Became a Wind Elemental and Almost Ruined Christmas".
* - The reason this special exists is because the "Heatmiser" and "Snowmiser" songs were so damn catchy, and they do sing them here.  The other songs are... not good.
* - They need to deliver toys all over the world.  There's a hot weather guy and a cold weather guy.  They have two sleighs.  I can think of a solution to this problem and if you're better at geography then the writers of this special, you probably can too.
* - The Miser Brothers finally made the Nice List this year!  And all they had to do was save Christmas!

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Philip Gonzales said...

Whatever happened to the live-action Year Without a Santa Claus? With Harvey Fierstein as the Heatmiser?