Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The 25 Weird Days of Christmas Day 22: "The Nutcracker" (2010)

The other day, I was sick, sick, sick!  I took some Nighttime Medicine on the same night our alarms decided to announce that they needed new batteries by shrieking their "Oh sh*t, you're gonna die" alarms like crazy at around Midnight.  Fun times.  I woke up looking, feeling, and smelling like this:

As you might imagine, I had me some fantastic festive fever dreams that night.  Allow me to share them with you:

Oh, wait, that's the teaser trailer for 2010's "The Nutcracker 3D", which can now be found under the title "The Nutcracker: Saturnalia Ascending The Untold Story" on various streaming services.  It is actually *less* insane than I'd been led to believe but it is still really something else.  I mean, who doesn't need a holiday movie in their life where this happens:

Incidentally, I still long for "Bioshock: Christmas Edition".


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12.18.15 - Bioshock: Christmas

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